PEAL @ Kinetica Art Fair ’10


4th-7th February 2010 – Kinetica Art Fair
P3, 35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS

Posted January 26th, 2010

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  1. Ghosts in the media art machine « Squares of Wheat:

    […] allows you to control water levels and a rising tone by moving your hand through a cut-off beam; Monomatic’s P.E.A.L. is a laser-triggered virtual campanile you can walk around and around, ringing bells (one pre-teen […]

  2. PEAL on BBC World Service Digital Planet « Monomatic says:

    PEAL featured on Digital Planet on the BBC World Service […] …Gareth rings artistic digital bells at the Kinetica art Fair. […] – (at ~19:20) in the podcast available here

  3. PEAL on Rainycat's I love kittens blog and video « Monomatic says:

    From Rainycat’s I love kittens blog […] Many of the artworks on show were interactive and a lot of fun, for example P.E.A.L by Lewis Sykes and Nick Rothwell was a fabulous installation that allowed the audience to ‘ring’ the bells of 5 leads churches in a round like a bell tower or ‘campanile’! […] and also featured (at ~5:20) in her ‘Geek Expedition’ video too… which is nice.

  4. PEAL on Big Shiny Thing « Monomatic says:

    PEAL mentioned in a Kinetica Art Fair 10 round-up on Big Shiny Thing […] On the more Dorkbot-esque side of things, Monomatic’s P.E.A.L. replicates bell ringing with tubes of light, lasers and a iPhone remote (note, expect to see A LOT more iPhone remote controlled applications). […] and reblogged at

  5. PEAL video on london art « Monomatic says:

    A video of PEAL features as part of a double post review on Kinetica Art Fair 10 on london art
    the extended bites of…

  6. PEAL in Blueprint Magazine « Monomatic:

    PEAL mentioned in Kinetic Art of the Future article in Blueprint Magazine […] offers a future of sorts to the ancient art of bell-ringing in P.E.A.L. Pass your hand through a light column in a virtual ‘campanile’, and a bell is triggered. The sequence played becomes a polymer-like graphic in a magic circle on the floor […].

  7. PEAL in Artlyst video « Monomatic:

    Short inclusion (at ~4:45) in kinetica Art Fair 2010 video – “Artlyst takes a perpetual tour through the 2010 Kinetica Art Fair”…

  8. PEAL photograph inclusions « Monomatic:

    Photographs of PEAL included in ‘In Pictures: Kinetica Art Fair’ at londonist and Where The Art Is Kinetica (Set).

  9. PEAL in video « Monomatic:

    Short inclusion (at ~0:40) in Kinetica Art Fair 2010 video from a posting on

  10. PEAL on Channel One Russia « Monomatic:

    PEAL features as part of news report about Kinetica Art Fair 10 on Channel One Russia.