PEAL Acknowledgements

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PEAL: A Virtual Campanile

was made possible with the invaluable creative input and expertise of:

  • Joe Blackwell – Cinematography
  • Duncan Fitzsimons (Vitamins) – Industrial Design and Fabrication
  • Malcolm Garrett – Graphic Design
  • Daniel Jones – Visualisation Developer
  • Lisa Loco – Photography
  • Rowan October – Sound Recordist, Audio and Video Editor, AV Technician
  • Giles Parbery – Electronics Design & Engineering

the indispensable help of:

  • Steve Ollerton, Tower Captain, St Peter’s Church (Leeds Parish Church)

the enthusiasm and contribution of the coordinators and members of participating Leeds bell ringing bands:

  • Adam Crocker – Leeds University Society of Change Ringers, St Matthias’ Church
  • Barrie Dove – St Anne’s Cathedral
  • Simon Futers – St Chad’s Church
  • Penny Thorley- St Matthew’s Church

and support and advice from:

  • Sue Ball – MAAP, Richard Whitelaw – Sound and Music, Richard Peacock – Leeds City Museum, The Expo Leeds festival team, Martyn Ware – Illustrious and Chris Watson.

Our heartfelt thanks to all involved.